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Wallflowers- extracts and imprints in communication of the raw material and the processed.

The Botanical selections originated from an abundance of leftovers at flower markets and floriculture in Netherlands and India.

Of those residues have been traced in a printing technique; in bloom-in an imprint archive.

In bloom continues to be explored in progressions of nature between imprint and form.

It formulates a research study of the current and the consumation of flower prints as idyllic illustrative forms.

When consuming natures botanic on our skins, fabrics and walls one refers to an idyllic illustration of nature and in actual remind us of nature’s form study to be perfectly gained from a block printed- perfect- painted -machinery repeat.. And questions our imagination of flowers;

 The tape and constructions of the packaging/ the flowerpots and all other forms are equally important when we consume flowers.

In the same rhythm of block printing each flower is repeatedly imprinted into the material in more then one-life stage to the growth, harvest and to its wither of decay.

By removing the process of the perfect imprint one has to select the flower by it's form, color, in it flowerpot, smell, thorns, earth and botanical structure in its real dimensions.

Parts of the process informed the print in progression; taped stapled from its original harvest process. No proportional change in selecting the plant flowers species depicting upon its real nature for fabrications.

The process in itself is a product; introducing all the materialities from the harvest to the printing and its final leftovers.


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- In Bloom, MA Contextual Design, graduation show design week NL, Design Academy mentors; Gijs Bakker, Louise Schouwenburg, Jan Boelen, Ted Noten, Jan Konings, Sofie Lachaert, witte dame/ Eindhoven, NL

- In Bloom, fabrics/wallpapers, Van Abbe Museum, selected for the materialprize Eindhoven/ NL 2012

- In Bloom, commissioned collection, private collection Anthropologie New York/ US 2012

- In Bloom, fabrics and wallflowers and compoundbricks and ascertain films of the making, Biodesign; On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity, NAI Rotterdam/ NL 2014

- ImPrint archive, flowerroon, walking studios, performative nature, 2019

- In bloom- imprint archive, pulp soceity New Delhi- India Art fair 2020