* Picturesque ~Landscape

41 embroidered profiles from one specific area in the Netherlands. Embroidery through photography a window for embroidering a scene, memory or something more intimide. Space specific; where in the 50-70's embroidery was conveyed to young girls to educate them for a married life- neverteless was it also used for secret messaging of love, freedom, political opinions. The youth of the simular age and district were interviewed; what would you want to embroider? A questionair of imaginary verdict. Photography by needle and thread.= embroidery



<* goodbye handkerchiefs hello tissues

In the landscape we find tissues of assorted tissue texture. Both casted forms not only preserving its imprint but also its behavior, mood, texture and shape. Some are melancholic, forgotten, indulging, peppy, hygienic, and intimate. Intimate details in between the flower and the checks. Resin infused with natural coloring and milk proteins.

Handkerchiefs & goodbye tissues. at this day and age of disposal; a handkerchief is a treasure to be found in public. Resin/ acrylic



<*I am heremetadata

In the digital landscape spacialit upon researched - data something defines your home, work and others. The mapping of data to the insides of us interior and exteriors all pinged in metadata, spaciality




<* Textile/tactile Psychology

Collected ink and textile waste from printers. tactile textile blots - Psychology- a test - of ink blots- Rorschach test plates for in wall ( a4 sized) inspired on the ten cardsof the test in which subjects perceive inkblots and observations are then interpreted and analyzed in Psychology.



-textile research study ongoing testsetting- 10 plates textile waste in acrylic and other tracings


<* Colors

Excerpts of color archived in pantone cards.






~best before~ becoming extinct - Households and other pink facades ;beef and pork shops, pink bars on highway, churches, pink men saloons and residential houses in between. Analogue and digital- nature will replace itself. Pink facades; the color is the action. Mandatory Optimism is a pink conversation and numbers to be captured..


<*Flowers of Narcissus

Any selfie is a reflection of the present vanity. Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in reflection he drowned which then blossomed into a pool of narcissus flowers.





- The Picturesque Landscape project- Maastricht- Maaren gallery- groupsshow centraal museum Maastricht-Limburg project design academy NL 2010 - Atlas of Limburg publication Nl 2010

-the imprint archive- handkerchiefs and tissues 32 tiled, resin polymer, 2020 groups show India Art fair~ Imprint after and per formative nature interrogation meal India Art Fair, Pulp society,
New Delhi, Handkerchiefs and Imprint Archive.= flowerlab

- 2022- - The imprinted handkerchiefs and tissues are crated in an ongoing archive where residues of materials are encapsulated in resins with pigments and milk. CKP Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Bangalore

-for speculative future; the future will be coffee colored- Khoj Artist in Residency- Art and fashion 2013

- research fashion colors in India- 28 States, Hybrid Skin, Design Academy, witte dame/ Eindhoven

- Immigrating species , Pink House holds - print/film/projects publication IN 2016