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<* Auspicious Objects

Mango nature. Objects of Auspicious Nature. Mango and other material studies.

In Objectal nature a see through status of its nature.

Each mango represents a different univers on each branch; in taste, fragrance and personality.

It illustrates the fruitful flavours on one tree. Coming from the researched stages of one specific mango tree for over a year in all seasons.

Documented rituals and dances in India that presented themself at auspicious festivities at the mango tree.

Each cast is made from a set of flavours encasted into objects againts the light.

Inserted into wooden panel and loosely hanging from a speculative tree.

Passerby's should walk around the mango tree ( in circled ) and see the varianted nature.





- dass leben ist ein Kartoffel, group exhibition, Bahnhof gallery 52 Kleve, Curated by Elisabeth Schink, Cologne Germany 2019