* Souvenir Shop

Tourist/ Souvenir shops exist everywhere. These are new kinds- from places that we know or are new. Residuesof material landscapes for gifting.


. <*Flower gifts

flower shirts from different landscapes. The Netherlands in a bouquet oF Tulips.

viola printed from Cologne Daisy Garden. Germany


Flowershop concept for a shop in the village of Gunaher, Himachal Pradesh India ( known as the valley of flowers) Experiencing forms of light in the everyday routine. Harvest is reversed in its form and captured into adornments from this particular region. Objects like flower holders, basket lights, felted lampshade, 150 flower-necklaces made from local goat hairs, seeds/bulbs and flowers. Pollination happends through the hairs of the goat, from one place to another.



<*Collars and Necklaces

A study of classes into the variety of collars and their meanings. A collar performs like a necklace that empasizes the wearer; in a certain style, attitude and ironed as much stitched into form. Butterfly collar to variants of colors of various district/landscape/style.







- art or fashion?d- 1 shanti roadt in Residency- Art and fashion 2013

- stop all vain talk, smalle haven dutch design week 2009 Eindhoven

- Phoolan Ki Dukan ~ The - Flowershop /Phoolon Ki Dukan & The flowerlab art shop/ shop art,A flowershop with lights, flower garlands & flower ornaments from local harvest of flower,leaves and plantlife indigenous to Himachal Pradesh IN 2013-Ndtv streamed on tv for lifestyle in new material design lampshade IN 2014