*Magnifying Curtain

Reinventing toolsets in working with nature.. In itself the materials present themselves in all stages. The quest for capturing and preserving life is researched and tested.

-textile research study<*~Windows of oppurtunity

The layer between the inner ( private ) and Outer ( public ) world What would stain to surface every movement? to block ? or let light in? At some points traces of the one inside occurs. Between truth or a lie= left or a right blink in the curtains curve.

Between form and pattern fall happens. Drawing eyes to the curtain.

How we perceive this movement is particular to wind/light and other elements.

The absurd intervenes by observing and measuring the outside from the curtain.

Tools for magnifying and measuring through mirrors and varied lenses and materials

of magnifying, pixelated and decaying/whitering/changing nature can be measured and archived.

landscape observations

mapping osmosis

projection of bees on you

<*Differently Stringed garland of grasses. In the course of time species adapt into the weave of everyday.
Different materialities create different shadows- - blades of grass are knots in the tapestries.
Let in the shade and fall of the wild grasses among the cushioned – a pattern is present in the unkempt grasses- combed-through looking glasses in materialsthat present artificial flowers with thorns.It starts falling how it needs to be.  Lacquered and tempered by time in Differently Stringed garland of grasses.
.Material studies from my shadow into another shadow and Other eyelash kind of materialities in Differently Stringed garland of grasses.-2022- groupshow in CKP - Speaking in Shadows - Material studies from my shadow into another shadow and eyelash kind of materialities Differently Stringed garland of grasses Bangalore



roses that whiter-whitering in process for ornamentation



immigrations species












- ongoing research in material exploration for curtain and window elements

- immigration species- green as grass- two projectiled curtains- red and green- Speaking in shadows,Differently Stringed garland of grasses- bamboos eyelashes and laquers. Ckp 2022

- In Bloom, MA Contextual Design, graduation show design week NL, Design Academy mentors; rose curtain and flower fabrics - imprint archive

- In Bloom, fabrics/wallpapers, Van Abbe Museum, selected for the materialprize Eindhoven/ NL 2012