colorsof indialandscapes

<*die flugmachine/the flying machine

~Tools for travelling outer space;creating a form of' ein Wunderland der Dingen' to take with you when leaving earth.

1)make a movie before departure

2)wooden prayer chair from a forgotten church

3)bag of 7 pieces of garments of featherlight technique application

4)a curtain of bird feathers

5)paintings of natures botanics

6)a pair of non existing heels

7)navel necklaces and cups from certain navels to remember a point of origin by

~dresses reconverted from my German grandmothers closet.
















. the flying machine/ Die Flugmachine - Bahnhof 52 Gallery, the flying machine/die Flugmachine, Cologne/Kleve, GE 2011