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<*Hybrid skin

In the orange nature imprint of traditionaly applied mehendi/henna for skin. From the leaves to dry to apply. Cooling, healing, revitalizing,

in form of procession , ceremonial writings on skin embedded messages in healing and ancient words of practice.

Plants have raised me. In the grass making pulp pudding from plants and drawing from this.

Flowers are inscribed in mehendi floral skins; imprints that leave an orange-red residue that would last for weeks

depending on the heath and health of the body.



A pulp is made from the leaves of henna and applied on skin for auspicious or festive occasion.


Documented in the imprint archive [ @imprintarchive].










- mehendi writing on skin embedded messages of healing and ancient words, publication on skin flowers 2021 IN

- performative film 2013 mehendi skin, hybrid skin project walkin studio bangalore IN