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Interrogation nature- a participatory meal of imprints formed from a nature of interrogating.

A starter to meet the infused flower imprints ( memory bar from the memory of indian cuisines in cooking with flowers ) middle time to eleborate on the initial introduction; tesu flower and other sorts in chapati/rice or bread depending on region. An an end - the desserts to change favour from bitter safron to sweet rose and other sort alike ladoo lollipops.

An interrogation into the memory of imprinting with flowers, archived. memory bar of recepies





- Flowermeal ~ for approx 200 participants - process in performance- pulp soceity, India Art fair, New delhi 2020 IN

- ~sponsered flowerbeer project and research by Biera and Pulp Society IN

- imprintarchive , in bloom wallpapers, handkerchiefs and tissues, flower and its imprints IN



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