flowers of narcissusflowershop

<*In bloom

In bloom in the living room is a reflection of the daily struggle with life's demands. Life wither's.

This communicated by destroying existing flowers that act as building material for ornamentation and matter.

A collection for the living space- whitering curtains, flowercarpet, flowerbeds ,a flowerball, lily chandelier, wallflowers- extracts and imprints

of those residues have been traced in a printing technique; deflowered- an imprint archive.

In bloom continues to be explored in the continues nature between imprint and form from growth to decay with smell and other materialities.


flower carpet

blue flowers

/ lily wax chandelierkeep your flowerbed


neat and tidy

tullip shirt animated



whitering rose curtain

wallpapers stiched fabric/paper

fabricated blossom

printed narrative

methodology printing and extracting with flowers

varied vases - fabric soft sculpture






- In Bloom, MA Contextual Design, graduation show design week NL, Design Academy, witte dame/ Eindhoven, NL

- In Bloom, fabrics/wallpapers, Van Abbe Museum, selected for the materialprize Eindhoven/ NL 2012

- In Bloom, commissioned collection, private collection Anthropologie New York/ US 2012

- In Bloom, fabrics and wallflowers and compoundbricks and ascertain films of the making, Biodesign; On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity, NAI Rotterdam/ NL 2014

- ImPrint archive, walking studios, performative nature, 2019

- In bloom- imprint archive, pulp soceity New Delhi- India Art fair 2020



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