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conceptual artist // material/ textile design

Elena Renée Pereira, Netherlands / Germany / India, 16.11.1985

From anatomical examinations on a dissecting table to imprints

that are formed into material studies through progression of per formative nature or emanated forms.

Into the intimate nature of the domestic and its daily rituals in behaviors.
Rediscovering indigenous methodologies for making, printing and in this the urge for preserving and capturing the process questioning; the organic and the so-called man made nature in an examination.


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2022- groupshow in CKP - Speaking in Shadows curated by Anitha Reddy Material studies from my shadow into another shadow and eyelash kind of materialities Differently Stringed garland of grasses Bangalore 2021-22 LINK toxity in textile and other material waste regarding color and application- from the processed to the raw matters ungoing commissioned
2020 groups show India Art fair~ Imprint after and performative nature interrogation meal India Art Fair, Pulp society, New Delhi, Handkerchiefs and Imprint archive.=flowerlab since 2012 LINK
2019 Auspicious one- objects in narrative group show- Das leben ist eine Kartoffel-Bahnhof52 gallery, curated by Elisabeth Schink, Kleve/Cologne,DE LINK
2018 Flower-readings/flower lab, performative nature, powercutted -Bangalore IN LINK
Do not Disappear on me bee, hallucinating curtains, groupshow in between spaces at Walkin Studio- Bangalore, IN LINK
2017 Sensuous Scents ~new material discoveries Enkaustikos- Design trajectories- Temporary Art Centre-Dutch design week, Eindhoven,NL LINK
2016 a dying performance, performative nature, In Between Spaces, groupshow at Walkin Studio- Bangalore, IN LINK
Hammock,Cloud and Big appetite, Love> Sensorium-group show, curated by the Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts, Goa IN LINK
2015 Leftovers love and Other Stories, Solo Show 13 works, Lakeeren gallery, curated by Arshiya Lokhandwala ,Bombay IN LINK

2014 Soundscales Installation, for Levi's wasteless campaign, curated by Counterculture, Bangalore IN LINK
2013 The Nature of the Unexpected,- Khoj, Art and fashion Residency group show, curated by Pooja Sood, New Delhi IN LINK
The process laboratory and it's products-Biodesign; On the Cross-Pollination of Nature,Science and Creativity group show,In bloom - ,curated by William Myers, NAI Rotterdam NL LINK
The Reflectives, 13 Objects in reflective, solo show opening Art Bengaluru UB City-Sublime Galleria, Bangalore IN LINK
The Flowershop, project of a shop - lamps, jewelry and objects made in residency, Artshop,curated by Frank Schlichteman, Himachal Pradesh India IN LINK
Pillow tears, As tears go by, groupshow, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, curated by Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam NL LINK
2012 In Bloom, wallpapers, chandeliers, fabrics, beds and carpet Witte Dame, graduation show Design Academy Eindhoven, NL LINK
In Bloom, groupshow, Nominated with 'in bloom' methodology for material prize 2012, fabrics and wallpapers, doen-materiaalprijs, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven NL LINK
2011 Picturesque landscapes, groupshow- design academy eindhoven/ Raadhuis, Marres-house for contemporary culture curation Maastricht NL LINK
die Flugmachine, Objects talking in Fabric, gallery B52, curated by Elisabeth Schink, Cologne DE LINK
2010 Art or Fashion?!, soloshow, mixed media/print,Objects, Lenses, Mirrors, clothes and analogue photographs, 1shantiroad, curated by Suresh Jayaram, Bangalore IN LINK
2008 work in progress collection of fabric research in clothes, Kersvers,Centraal Museum Utrecht NL LINK
die unendliche /work in progress, Young Talent, Modefabriek Amsterdam Rai NL LINK
die unendliche / work in progress( collection of 6 ) Amsterdam Fashion Week, Lichting 2008, Westergastfabriek, Amsterdam NL LINK


2010-2012 Master Contextual design - Design Academy Eindhoven NL
2004-2008 Bachelor Fashion & Textile Design, School of Arts Utrecht NL
2009-2010 Visual Communication, Srishti School of Art, Design and technology IN
2006-2007 Textile Design, Srishti School of Art, Design and technology IN

2014-present Part-time Faculty at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and technology since 2014 in Art- Design Practices
2012-present Founder of design StudioButterfruit/ flowerlab ; material, graphic design
2009-12 Philips design Probes material researcher/ material designer
Probes; microbial home, metamorphosis, food probes, livable cities 2050 with Clive Heerden and Jack Mama,
Netherlands/- India for Philips Probes Eindhoven NL

2013 Khoj International Artist Association Delhi, curated by Pooja Sood, New Delhi IN
2013 Art Shops,curated by Frank Schlichtman, Gunaher village, Himachal Pradesh India IN
2012 flowerrooms Walkin Studios Bangalore IN
2010 Art or Fashion?!, 1shantiroad, curated by Suresh Jayaram, Bangalore IN

Publications/ books;

Material design- doen materiaal prijs LINK

Van Abbe museum - doen materiaalprijs LINK

Studio story- let kiss magazine interview with Uwe Buschmann LINK

Future materials bank LINK

Mix races homegrown LINK

INhabitat LINK

Elledecor IN LINK

Philips Probes -( speculative design microbial home Fiona and Dunne) foodprobes LINK

Metapmorphosis and Liveable cities ( Bart Hess, Harm Rensink and Eric de Haas publishing) LINK

Biodesign, on the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science
and Creativity - het nieuwe insituut - curated book curated by William Myers, NAI Rotterdam NL LINK

Design Academy Eindhoven, 2011
Commissioned by Marres-House for Contemporary Culture(NL)Bureau Europa(NL)Province of Limburg(NL)‘Atlas of Limburg’, an atlas developed in the framework of the ‘Landschapsproject’, commissioned by Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture(NL), Bureau Europa and the Province of Limburg(NL). The project focused on the landscape of Limburg, aiming to map ‘invisible infrastructures’. Focus point of study case; flax from raw to processed in this historic landscape.



In the movement and behaviour a language is shaped leaving traces and remnands these are collided into an imprint archive. @imprintarchive












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