Leftovers love and Other Stories;

13 works. Shaving Kit, Ectasy, cloud, forbidden fruit,

mirror mirror, big appetite, it will last forever i promise,

ten rose bushes~curtain , candle light, pillow talk, a flowerbed, Punching ball, entrances and a doormat.

- Leftovers love

and other Stories






. -Leftover love and other stories,Lakeeren/ Bombay IN 2015; Solo 13 works; , curated by Arshiya Lokhandwala ,Bombay India

-Extasy and the cloud, Sensorium-love-,Sunaparanta/ Goa IN 2016




auspicious ones- narratives of those Objects/ Hallucinating Curtains- textiles for natural hallucination / Enkaustikos- Sensuous Scents/materials /AS GREEN AS GRASS- immigration species - textiles/on/off the menu - Spicekabinet/IT WILL LAST FOREVER I PROMISE- CASTINGS/LEFTOVERS LOVE AND OTHER STORIES -collection of leftovers/ETERNAL SPACE(S) -analogue doors/Flowers of Narcissus -balloons of ego//-house Holds - analogues /Ephiphany of a CLOUD- MESH KNITS & hammock /IN BLOOM- in the living room/ PHOOLON KI DUKAN- THE FLOWERSHOP & the flowerlab/ FORBIDDEN FRUITS-THE REFLECTIVES/NATURE OF THE UNEXPECTED- COOKING SKINS OF VEGETABLES AND FRUITSFRAGILES;'THE HAND KERCHIEFS'/-in residueANATOMY -IN PERFORMANCE /NAVELS OF PORCELAIN/ jewelry/28STATES/ color research/DIE FLUGMACHINE/ THE FLYING MACHINE -collection of fabric Objects/PICTURESQUE LANDSCAPES-the emboidered /

NARRATIVE OBJECTS- combs//THE UN FINISHED & REMNANDS work in progress- textile research / ...videos info archive index



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