<*Measuring to Magnify curtain

Between form and pattern fall happens. Drawing eyes to the curtain.

How we perceive this movement is particular to wind/light and other elements.

The absurd intervenes by observing and measuring the outside from the curtain.

Between the imagined nature and the patterned one can see through some-thing

some are magnified, specified, upside down and seen through eyelash like material formations.

Tools for magnifying and measuring through mirrors and varied lenses and materials

of magnifying, magnetized, pixelated nature.

Documented daily objects in observations in the imagined nature of these legends in extractions in the curtains.




- Commissioned process and material study 2020-22 ongoing natural materialities

- Curtain experiment observation study recall Goa/ bangalore/netherlands 2012- 2020

- Measuring & magnifing curtain, social experiment- trust Premsela Project , Design academy 2011 , Eindhoven, NL