<* eternal spaces






The Private

and the Public

- Entrances,400 analogue doorways, prints on textile and paper, Lakeeren Gallery Colaba IN 2015

- Doors, personal manifesto- narratives, hand printed and on film. DESIGN ACADEMY , witte dame/ Eindhoven, NL 2010






Reinventing toolsets in working with nature.. In itself the materials present themselves in all stages.

The quest for capturing and preserving life is researched and tested.

-textile research studyanatomyofacouch




~Windows of oppurtunity



The layer between the inner ( private ) and Outer ( public ) world

What would stain to surface every movement? to block ? or let light in?

At some points traces of the one inside occurs.

Between truth or a lie= left or a right blink in the curtains curve

- measurements of curtains- 2020 - ungoing in making - 24


<*Flowers of Narcissus


Any selfie is a reflection of the present vanity. Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection

in reflection he drowned which then blossomed into a pool of narcissus flowers.





~best before~ becoming extinct -

Households and other pink facades ;beef and pork shops, pink bars on highway, churches, pink men saloons and residential houses in between.

Analogue and digital- nature will replace itself. Pink facades; the color is the action. Mandatory Optimism is a pink conversation and numbers to be captured..

. - Immigrating species , Pink House holds - print/film/projects publication IN 2016pink



<*Picturesque ~Landscape

41 embroidered profiles from one specific area in the Netherlands.

Embroidery through photography a window for embroidering a scene, memory or something more intimide. Space specific; where in the 50-70's embroidery was conveyed to young girls to educate them for a married life-

neverteless was it also used for secret messaging of love, freedom, political opinions.

The youth of the simular age and district were interviewed; what would you want to embroider? A questionair of imaginary verdict.

Photography by needle and thread.= embroidery

- The Picturesque Landscape project- Maastricht- Maaren gallery- groupsshow centraal museum Maastricht-Limburg project design academy NL 2010

- Atlas of Limburg publication Nl 2010




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