info<* Osmosing Objectserpatterns in research for print and form <* hybrid Skins
future skin predictions, materials, natural remedies, the future to be coffee colored
combs material meaning and hair<*Flowerlab
- the flowerlab/flowerreadings, ~ performative nature,cooking design in powercutted Bangalore 2018- do not dissapear on me, installation on finding the queen, Walkin Studio Bangalore 2018 - sensuous scents at Design Trajectories in Temporary Art Centre, TAC Netherlands 2017- Leftover love and Other Stories, Soloshow 13 works; Shaving Kit, Ectasy, cloud, forbidden fruit, mirror mirror, big appetite, it will last forever i promise, ten rose bushes , candle light, pillow talk, flowerbed, entrances, doormat. Lakeeren gallery, curated by Arshiya Lokhandwala ,Bombay India 2015- In Bloom, witte dame/ Eindhoven, NL- In Bloom, fabrics/wallpapers, Van Abbe Museum, selected for the materialprize Eindhoven/ NL 2012 leftover carpet industry research ongoing

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