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<*Beeswax in Shade

Sensuous Scents in bloom from an Encaustic Methodology

~Enkaustikos / = To heat or to burn

The smell of bee wax heals a livingspace. The use of a lamp warms up the beeswax and evaporates only when on.

The colors of beeswax differ to the harvest of the pollen from the bees. It matters what they eat. Forever compounded in a shade, the pigment, pollen and its natural wax.




In collaborative spaces of landscape study. Beeswax is harvested and encasted with Flora of various landscapes in flora, pollen and wax.




Creating a smell in light of different casted lampshades in different beeswax and with the ascertain regions it was made (flowers)




Beeswax and flowers here act as a natural air-purifier; eliminating dust, odours and toxins from the environment.



the colors of beeswax are divers as their environments. It's smell and color changes from place to place.



Hollandia 2014= lavender and wild flowers district flowers and beeswax from Netherlands- region Heide (red and yellow purified beeswax)
Nostalgia 2017- red and pink flowery Paneer roses from Bangalore's flowermarket in India casted in unpure beeswax from the district of Coorgh- where the pepper flowers are found by the honey bee. Therefore can one smell a peppery beeswax emulsion with the so- called paneer roses from the local markets in Bangalore. The rose that is used to make rose water from and added in edible sweets.Winter 2017- white purified beeswax with blue and pink rose flowers. The inner layer of the lampshade contains yellow purified beeswax with lavender crushed for a mild sleeping smell.
Karousel 2017- is contained of pure unrefined beeswax and lavender oil inserted with dried wild jasmine. Black shade 2022 , jasmine and lavender pigment.




- ongoing dissections in landscape of beeswax in nature East to West, south Netherlands- Germany border, Kerala- Karnataka border, Nepal- india border.

- shades of flowers in Sensuous scents at Design Trajectories in Temporary Art Centre, TAC Netherlands 2017

- the flowerlab, cooking design in powercutted Bangalore 2018

- do not dissapear on me,Lampshade can function as a shelter for bee

, Walkin Studio Bangalore 2018

- Leftovers love and Other stories, Object shade for bee, 2016 Lakeeren Art Gallery Bombay IN