Study for flowerpattern

<*tablecloth for two~in a game

Edible Dyeing Technique; A grid of Reddish versus negative space has been applied to a tablecloth to differentiate from a towel.
Tablecloths where originally used as towels- A discussion specialized for debate questioning ethics of color appropriation to a surface derived from eatable and still consumable nature.  

. In the intimate nature of the every day vegetables get cut to be placed on the table cloth for eating and consumed in another fashion.
What a lost sense for dyeing techniques is the exploitation for fashion apparel.

Leaving an imprint of its nature in a tablecloth for two; grids are formed cut and beaten beetroot, turmeric dried then burnt in the primary nature of color; yellow becomes red.Beetroot squared 1 and 2 is turmeric whole, natural imprints.


















- table cloth for two ~2021 primary color study- natural dye commissioned imprint-archive, Bangalore , India 2019-21