<*Imprint archive -In bloom


Wallflowers- extracts and imprints in communication of the raw material and the processed.

The Botanical selections originated from an abundance of leftovers at flower markets and floriculture in Netherlands and India.

Of those residues have been traced in a printing technique; in bloom-in an imprint archive.

In bloom continues to be explored in progressions of nature between imprint and form.

It formulates a research study of the current and the consumation of flower prints as idyllic illustrative forms.

When consuming natures botanic on our skins, fabrics and walls one refers to an idyllic illustration of nature and in actual remind us of nature’s form study to be perfectly gained from a block printed- perfect- painted -machinery repeat.. And questions our imagination of flowers;

 The tape and constructions of the packaging/ the flowerpots and all other forms are equally important when we consume flowers.

In the same rhythm of block printing each flower is repeatedly imprinted into the material in more then one-life stage to the growth, harvest and to its wither of decay.

By removing the process of the perfect imprint one has to select the flower by it's form, color, in it flowerpot, smell, thorns, earth and botanical structure in its real dimensions.

Parts of the process informed the print in progression; taped stapled from its original harvest process. No proportional change in selecting the plant flowers species depicting upon its real nature for fabrications.

The process in itself is a product; introducing all the materialities from the harvest to the printing and its final leftovers.

- In Bloom,


<*I promise

it will live/last forever I Promise

In castings of Resin Seasons are forever and will be found as remnands of our generation.

Made into bricks for walls tables and others.

Generations and its leftovers imprinted in building bricks. Promise of the Season

materials compounded in beeswax to resin - seasoned materials

- I promise it will last forever; Leftovers love and other stories soloshow, a shaving kit 10 Objects Lakeeren/ Bombay IN 2015

In Bloom, fabrics and wallflowers and compoundbricks, Biodesign; On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity, NAI Rotterdam/ NL 2014



<*In bloom

In bloom in the living room is a reflection of the daily struggle with life's demands. Life wither's.

This communicated by destroying existing flowers that act as building material for ornamentation and matter.

A collection for the living space- whitering curtains, flowercarpet, flowerbeds ,a flowerball, lily chandelier, wallflowers- extracts and imprints

of those residues have been traced in a printing technique; - an imprint archive.

In bloom continues to be explored in the continues nature between imprint and form from growth to decay with smell and other materialities.

- In Bloom, MA Contextual Design, graduation show design week NL, Design Academy, witte dame/ Eindhoven, NL

- In Bloom, fabrics/wallpapers, Van Abbe Museum, selected for the materialprize Eindhoven/ NL 2012

- In Bloom, commissioned collection, private collection Anthropologie New York/ US 2012

- In Bloom, fabrics and wallflowers and compoundbricks and ascertain films of the making, Biodesign; On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity, NAI Rotterdam/ NL 2014

- ImPrint archive, walking studios, performative nature, 2019

- In bloom- imprint archive, pulp soceity New Delhi- India Art fair 2020








Handkerchiefs & goodbye tissues. at this day and age of disposal; a handkerchief is a treasure to be found in public. Resin/ acrylic

<* goodbye handkerchiefs hello tissues

In the landscape we find tissues of assorted tissue texture.

Both casted forms not only preserving its imprint but also its behavior, mood, texture and shape.

Some are melancholic, forgotten, indulging, peppy, hygienic, and intimate.

Intimate details in between the flower and the checks. Resin infused with natural coloring and milk proteins.

- India Art fair 2020 imprint archive 33 tiles, curated by Sitara Chowfla, Pulp soceity

- goodbye handkerchiefs ~ hello tissues. - on the shelf- handkerchiefs and shaving kit , Lakeeren gallery Bombay 2016

- as tears go by, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Rotterdam NL 2013

- pillows and tears resin casts approx 40- pigmented resin,NL




and it's trade lines from past to present. embroidery roots, skin

ongoing archive in casting navels; human, animal vegetables, pots, manufactured goods




<* with Osmosis

Coffee versus Tea- Tea versus coffee. Fortune telling

Behave more like plants. a process for Osmose Study in the domestic daily rituals

a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through

a semipermeable membrane from

a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one.

--2022- groupshow in CKP - Speaking in Shadows curated by Anitha Reddy Material studies from my shadow into another shadow and eyelash kind of materialities Differently Stringed garland of grasses Bangalore

Tea versus Coffee in performative nature of progression.


<*tablecloth for two~


Edible Dyeing Technique; A grid of Reddish versus negative space has been applied to a tablecloth to differentiate from a towel.
Tablecloths where originally used as towels-A discussion specialized for debating ethics of color appropriation to surfaces that are derived

from eatable and still consumable nature.  .

- table cloth for two ~2021 primary color study- natural dye commissioned research material imprint-archive, Bangalore , India 2019-22

<*study for a flower pattern

*study of a jasmine-pattern ; watered in light , needled and observed over various days,


some flowers only blossom in the night to avoid competition







Interrogation nature-4 wallpapers and film interrigating wild versus the cultivated flowers in pattern,taste,smell and memory. Performative installation india art fair -pulp soceity new delhi

<* Textile/tactile Psychology



Collected ink and textile waste from printers. tactile textile blots - Psychology- a test - of ink blots- Rorschach test plates for in wall ( a4 sized) inspired on the ten cardsof the test in which subjects perceive inkblots and observations are then interpreted and analyzed in Psychology.


textile research study ongoing testsetting

- 10 plates textile waste in acrylic and other tracings






<* Flower read


The Interrogating nature of flowerreading. Comes with certain choices:; temporary or lasting, consumable/non-consumable,

no smell- frangrance & depicting color versus choice of flower in a questionair into natures characteristics.

How to imprint a flower.- performative installation; Particpants imprinted and or consumed flowers depending on the dependency of choice.

<*Measuring to Magnify curtain


Between form and pattern fall happens. Drawing eyes to the curtain.

How we perceive this movement is particular to wind/light and other elements.

The absurd intervenes by observing and measuring the outside from the curtain.

Tools for magnifying and measuring through mirrors and varied lenses and materials

of magnifying, magnetized, pixelated nature.

- Commissioned process and material study 2020-22 ongoing natural materialities

- Curtain experiment observation study recall Goa/ bangalore/netherlands 2012- 2020

- Measuring & magnifing curtain, social experiment- trust Premsela Project , Design academy 2011 , Eindhoven, NL

<* Auspicious Objects


Mango nature. Objects of Auspicious Nature. Mango and other material studies.

Each mango represents a different univers on each branch; in taste, fragrance and personality.

It illustrates the fruitful flavours on one tree. Coming from the researched stages of one specific mango tree for over a year in all seasons.

Each cast is made from a set of flavours encasted into objects againts the light.

Inserted into wooden panel and loosely hanging from a speculative tree.

Passerby's should walk around the mango tree ( in circled ) and see the varianted nature.

- dass leben ist ein Kartoffel, group exhibition, Bahnhof gallery 52 Kleve, Curated by Elisabeth Schink, Cologne Germany 2019

<*On the menu


On the menu/ is a new format for understanding and preparing from nature.

Food is isolated in certain parts; the navels, the pollen-spices, the leaves-tongs, skins/barks, oils, nuts, hairs, roots, ornaments and bulbs.

New parts for cooking and consuming- ask the waiter for the fresh narrative.