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<*the Unexpected Nature/ ~spicekabinet of India

In the nature of the Unexpected. The residency informed the process and the process is the product.

Nature was infused between the fabrics and bathed with showing unexpected results; from bleech to dye.

In performance the baths where heated and dipped with different fabrics that where extracted from vegetable peels, seeds/spices and fruit skins.



From the Indian spice kabinet as source of inspiration for color of skins to color from to with.

Coloring the skin in more then only a fairness residue -as subscribed to most creams that one applies.

Reconfiguring true colors of India in a match for marriage skins ( clothes) . Khoj International artists Association residency, new Delhi






- The Nature Of the Unexpected info or images >KHOJ INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS' ASSOCIATION

-Performance and Residency at KHOJ INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS' ASSOCIATION - Art and fashion / residency 2013.

-commissioned spice kabinet of India 2009- in fabrics and writings-